Hello Explorers!

Today, we finish what we started 10 years ago when the game first closed.

While the game closed back in 2012, the LEGO Universe community persisted.
After almost a decade of work across the entire community, we’ve now gotten to a point where we feel satisfied about our work and can release something to the world.

Maybe you want to start with exploring Avant Gardens with friends or farming Survival for the Retro Movie Camera item, or you’re feeling like you want to build an amazing property to show off to the world!
Whatever it is you want to do, you now have the rest of your life to do it in LEGO Universe.
The game will never die again and you will always have access to it.

We’ll keep it short; go, enjoy the game again. Tweet all your gameplay, streams and properties at us with the hashtag #darkflameuniverse so we can share them to the world.
Thank you all for joining us and keep an eye out for our future projects, which we’ll share on our social channels. (so that means keep following the DLU Twitter!)

Since 2013, all we’ve wanted was to bring back LEGO Universe and play it again.
We were all kids who loved the game and who wished we could’ve seen it get the success it deserved.
We never expected to see the amount of attention and support that the game has gotten over the past years, from both the community and The LEGO Group.

This is possible because of all of you. Thank you.
The community, all developers within the community and past/present from our team, the original game developers who’ve thrown encouraging words and The LEGO Group for caring about fan projects. More information will be provided when we get closer to releasing our server’s source, but in the meantime; this isn’t the end, Explorers.
We’ll talk again soon and can’t wait to see more players enjoying LEGO Universe again!

-The DLU Team